Our Service

Here at Regency Plastics, we offer a wide range of services, from general plastic fabrication through to a custom design and build service. Our team are highly skilled in all facets of plastic fabrication, allowing us to create just about anything you need – whether it be a particular type of plastic rod, or merchandise display stand. Take a look at our complete range of services listed below.

  • Plastic Fabrication

    We are industry leaders when it comes to plastic fabrication, dealing with a wide range of different plastics and fabrication techniques. We are capable of utilising CNC processing technologies as well as hot air welding, heat forming, cold bending, gluing and also mechanical fastening. We have an extensive knowledge of the materials we use, as well as these techniques, allowing us to ensure we offer the best solution for your requirements.

  • Acrylic Fabrication

    We offer a wide range of acrylic fabrication services, from CNC routed acrylic through to acrylic bending, polishing and bonding – as well as other acrylic machining operations. We provide our customers with a wide range of acrylic components such as routed discs, lighting diffusers, boat windows, boxes, display cabinets and tanks. If you need a particular product, we are sure to be able to make it for you.

  • Custom Design & Build

    We are able to create just about anything from plastic. While we create standard products, we are also capable of taking on customised design projects. When you bring a design to us, we will work closely with you from concept to completion – ensuring you end up with the product you need. Using CNC routing technologies, we are able to provide a precisely engineered product that functions as you intended. By bringing your concept to us, you are tapping into a wealth of knowledge – so you can feel confident that you are going about your project in the best way possible.

  • Plastic Welding

    Here at Regency Plastics, we also offer hot air welding as part of our extensive list of services. Hot air welding is the fabrication method used for plastics such as PVC, HDPE and ABS. The process works by using plastic welding equipment to fuse together two pieces of plastic. They are joined by way of a plastic welding rod, which is generally also made from the same type of plastic. To achieve a strong, seamless finish, it is imperative to ensure you correctly match the plastic type with the welding rod – something we excel at due to years of experience in the industry.

Our Other Services

  • When it comes to engineering plastics, the team here at Regency Plastics have you covered. In addition to the services listed above, we are also able to offer CNC routing, brake press and cold bending, fabrication and assembly of a wide range of products, plastic bending, bonding and gluing (this is a viable alternative for plastics that cannot be welded) and also plastic polishing. If you would like to talk to a plastics expert, feel free to contact us today – we are more than happy to provide you with a quote.