Bakelite Sheet

Originally conceived in 1907, Bakelite is recognised as the very first synthetic plastic ever created. Perhaps best known for its use in the creation of Bakelite telephones, this iconic plastic substance is still in use today.

In modern applications, Bakelite plastic sheets are used in the creation of casings, buttons, automobile parts, jewellery, kitchenware, and electrical components, among other things. Bakelite plastic sheets resist heat, are non-flammable, do not conduct electricity and resist chemical damage. Because they are malleable when hot and permanently rigid once formed, Bakelite plastic sheets can be used to create a wide range of items.

If you’re looking for Bakelite sheet in Melbourne, Regency Plastics can offer the products and services you need, including plastic fabrication. From bending and polishing to cut-to-size plastic solutions, you can rely on Regency Plastics for all your Bakelite sheets in Melbourne.

Bakelite Sheet Suppliers in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane

While we are based in Melbourne, Regency Plastics provides plastic products and custom services for businesses and industries across the country. Whether you’re looking for the best Bakelite sheet Melbourne has to offer or cut-to-size Bakelite products in Sydney or Brisbane, we would before than happy to help you.

Regency Plastics has a range of Bakelite products in stock that can be used for a wide variety of applications.

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