Acrylic/Perspex Sneeze/Privacy Guards

Acrylic/Perspex Sneeze/Privacy Guards

Australian Made and Made to Order.

With the increased need for businesses to protect customers and employees due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the team at Regency Plastics have developed a range of fully customisable Perspex sneeze guards.

Why Choose Regency Plastics’ Cough and Sneeze Guards?

  • Provide protection for customers.

  • Provide protection for employees.

  • Create a barrier between staff members who must work in close proximity under normal circumstances.

  • Our acrylic sneeze guards provide a clear barrier, allowing for unimpeded interaction between staff and customers or between employees.

  • Our Perspex sneeze guards are fully customisable to suit your industry and the unique layout of your business.

  • Regency Plastics’ easy-to-clean counter screens help you to fulfill your obligations.

Our Acrylic Sneeze Guards are Suitable for…

  • Pharmacies

  • GP Clinics

  • Private and Public Hospitals

  • Reception and Waiting Room Areas

  • Supermarkets

  • Cafés

  • Restaurants

  • Takeaway Food Outlets

  • Petrol Stations

  • Childcare and Early Learning Centres

  • Schools

  • General Retail

  • Office Desks and Cubicles

  • Post Offices

  • Warehouses

  • General Stores

  • Buffets, Tuck Shops, and Bain-Maries

At the time of writing, the Australian Government has not made protective screens between customers and workers mandatory, however many businesses are choosing to install screens as it gives both employees and the general public greater confidence.

We Manufacture a Wide Range of Perspex Sneeze Guards to Suit a Range of Needs.

To better meet our customers’ needs, we will gladly make our clear counter guards to order. Different industries will have different concerns and requirements, so contact the team at Regency Plastics when you need Perspex sneeze guards that are tailored to your needs.

Freestanding Acrylic Sneeze Guards

This may be as simple as a clear acrylic screen cut to your custom dimensions, ready for you to install. You may also choose to have a flat screen fitted with feet that will allow you to easily affix and move the screen as required.

Curved/Wraparound Acrylic Sneeze Guards

Other businesses will find that our curved or wraparound counter guards provide the perfect protection. Because the team at Regency Plastics have been cutting and bending acrylic products to our customer’s specifications for many years, we can guarantee protective shields of superior strength.

Acrylic Sneeze Guards with Custom Cut-Outs

Whether you require a cut-out to facilitate sound, or a pass-through cut-out for EFTPOS machines, etc. we can easily incorporate this into your counter guard in the custom dimensions that suit your needs, while still maintaining the protective function and structural integrity of the screen.

Considerations for Your New Acrylic Sneeze Guard

Remember that installing acrylic screen guards may introduce new workplace health and safety concerns. You can refer to government advice regarding your responsibilities for cleaning, maintaining, and safely securing screens. If you have further concerns, then our team are always happy to advise on the properties of your chosen materials, or the weight and other specifications of your chosen design.

If you need a different material or opacity for your counter shield, then let us know, and we will manufacture one to suit. We have worked with retail stores for many years, and can work with industries such as the community pharmacy sector, where privacy screens must meet certain criteria to help the store remain compliant.

By dealing directly with the manufacturer you can rest assured that you will receive the best outcome. Let’s use the example of community pharmacy. Pharmacists have a responsibility to install opaque privacy screens in certain areas, and these counter screens must meet certain criteria to fulfill their purpose. At the same time, most pharmacists will want a version of these standard screens that suits the unique layout, décor, and branding of their store. By choosing to work with a local Australian manufacturer such as Regency Plastics, the pharmacy can have screens made to their specifications, with the added reassurance that expert advice is only ever a phone call away.

In the case of Perspex sneeze guards that will help your business through the current coronavirus pandemic, we can either manufacture portable or temporary perspex screens that can be easily removed at the appropriate time, or design permanent fixed screens that will continue to serve your business into the future.

Stay up to Date with The Government’s Latest COVID-19 Health Advice.

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