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Nylon Rod And Bar Suppliers

Nylon is a very hard-wearing material that is commonly used to replace steel, aluminium and other similar materials. It is utilised in applications where the material weight is an issue and where there is either no or low impact involved.

As Nylon is very easy to machine, and so hard wearing, it is ideal for Rollers and Bushes in Conveyors and many other general applications. These sheets are available from 6.0 mm to 100 mm thick. Nylon rods are generally available from 50 mm to 300 mm in diameter.

As renowned Nylon bar suppliers and Nylon rod suppliers in Brisbane, Melbourne and across Australia, Regency Plastics can improve the function and performance of your workplace for an affordable price. Whether you are after solid Nylon bars or Nylon hollow bars, you can turn to Regency Plastics to make sure your businesses needs are met.

Based in Melbourne, we work with industries across Australia. Whether you are interested in learning more about Nylon rods in Sydney or you’re searching for reliable Nylon rod suppliers in Brisbane, Regency Plastics can assist you.

Contact our Nylon bar suppliers and rod suppliers today. Call us on (03) 9761 4452 to discover more about our exceptional plastic solutions and services.

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