Polycarbonate Sheet

As a highly versatile plastic material, polycarbonate can be utilised and fabricated for a wide range of purposes. From machinery guards to car windshields and mobile phone cases and computers, polycarbonate has a range of benefits.

If you’re looking for polycarbonate panels in Melbourne or polycarbonate plastic sheets across the country, you can rely on Regency Plastics. We can cut polycarbonate to size, as well as providing bending and polishing services. We provide everything from clear polycarbonate in Melbourne to high-quality sheets, rods, and tubes.

While we are based in Melbourne, Regency Plastics is proud to provide our services across Australia. So, whether you need clear polycarbonate sheet in Melbourne or polycarbonate sheet in Brisbane or Sydney, we can assist you.

For the finest clear polycarbonate sheets in Melbourne and around Australia, make an enquiry today. Our highly experienced staff are ready to help you.

Polycarbonate Sheet in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane

Polycarbonate has developed its reputation by being used in everything from water bottles to bullet-resistant products.

As an experienced supplier of polycarbonate, Melbourne and Australia-wide businesses can turn to Regency Plastics for a wide range of products and services. There are benefits of polycarbonate sheets for Melbourne and Australian industries. The polycarbonate is:

  • Impact resistant and acid resistant
  • Able to be bent without heating
  • Available in flexible varieties
  • Good for drilling
  • Ideal for environments below 115 degrees Celsius (240 Fahrenheit)

For more information on polycarbonate and all things polycarbonate plastic in Melbourne, call us today on (03) 9761 4452.

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