PTFE (Also known as Teflon™) Sheet
PTFE (Also known as Teflon™) Sheet

PTFE (Also known as Teflon™) Sheet Suppliers

Improve the quality of the plastic components you use by trusting the team at Regency Plastics. Our team of professionals have the skills, qualifications, equipment, and experience to supply and cut a wide range of plastic products, including PTFE (Also known as Teflon™) film sheet.

Our PTFE (Also known as Teflon™) sheet suppliers in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and across Australia can improve your operations and the quality of your products. As part of our complete plastics service, we proudly supply PTFE (Also known as Teflon™) plastic in Melbourne and across the country for a wide range of industries. Whether it’s PTFE (Also known as Teflon™) sheet in Sydney or PTFE (Also known as Teflon™) sheet in Melbourne, we offer a solution.

PTFE (Also known as Teflon™) film sheet is self-lubricating, fluid-resistant, and features a highly durable and flexible surface. Whether you’re looking for sheets of PTFE (Also known as Teflon™) in Melbourne, Brisbane or beyond, we can cut your products to the size and dimensions you require.

To discuss your needs with our PTFE (Also known as Teflon™) sheet suppliers, Brisbane, Melbourne and Australia-wide businesses can contact our team directly. Call us today on (03) 9761 4452 for custom PTFE (Also known as Teflon™) solutions and same-day cutting services.

PTFE Cut Strips

If you have areas, corners or edges which you need to resist water and withstand extreme temperatures, PTFE cut strips are a perfect solution. These cut strips can be used to provide a non-stick, food safe and temperature resistant surface, making them an excellent choice for commercial kitchens, food service areas or even home usage.

If you are looking for PTFE cut strips in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, Regency Plastics will provide results that you and your customers will love. We can cut PTFE strips to any custom sizes, and will do so quickly, ensuring minimal downtime between your order and receiving your product.

For more information or to speak to our knowledgeable staff, call Regency Plastics on 03 9761 4452, or submit an enquiry online.

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